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Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) released a Public Safety Alert ​with regards to an increase in counterfeit pills seen across the nation. The Omaha Division, which consists of five states including Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois and the Dakotas.

DEA Launches New Initiative to Combat Drug-Related Violence and Overdoses in Communities Across America

As part of DEA’s core mission to keep communities safe and healthy, the first phase of ‘Operation Overdrive’ is launching in 34 locations across 23 states.

Prevention Magazine LLC is proud to help spread awareness and teaming up with the Drug Enforcement Administration (Omaha Division)

Mission Statement

We provide FREE preventative educational material to public, private & tribal schools.

Scholarship opportunities are available to students who submit a written essay on how they or someone they know has dealt with abuse or addiction, and how this impacted their lives.

Our goal is to educate through prevention!

Guiding You Towards An Abuse Free Future 

Live your best life and keep yourself safe. Make good life choices and learn how to manage your physical and mental health through preventative education. Prevention Magazine offers free information on teen pregnancy, drug prevention, mental health needs and much more and resources to find help if you or someone you know is struggling and need someone to talk to.

We believe it is important to guide our youth and the general public in tackling sensitive topics such as bullying, sexual abuse, gun safety tips and much more. We want to provide conversation starters on sensitive but important issues.

Contact us to learn more about our magazine or fill out our request form to request your FREE edition of Prevention Magazine.



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